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There will be no adult soccer July 22nd because of fun day tournament.

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My name is Kortney Fox and 20 years ago I started as a playing soccer with Storrington Minor Soccer and my parents started as the loudest parents on the sidelines, now 20 years later I have been a player, a ref and I am currently a coach in division two and have been for years. And my parents, well, my Dad is the president of the League, a convener along with my patient mother and they still cheer very loudly.
This year on July 23rd, the Saturday of Fun Day, I will be cutting my hair to donate for the third time. So we will be running a special fund raiser at the canteen, something we have not done in the past. By donating my hair to Angel Hair for Kids it can be made into hair prosthesis for children, these children have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment, and we need your help.
The ‘Angel Hair for Kids’ is a program associated with ‘A Childs Voice Foundation’ that specializes in creating hair prosthesis for children. Special salons are selected that work with the families and the prosthesis to make sure that each one is fitted and styled especially for each special child. And if the child cannot come into the salon, then the salon will come to them.
Each wig takes 10-12 ponytails to make and will cost between $800 and $1000 to make each wig. This is where we are asking for your help. To help ease the burden of this amazing charity we are hoping to raise some money to help offset the cost of making a wig. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, it will help Angel Hair for Kids to continue to do their work and keep helping children. Since 2004 they have helped over 500 children receive hair prosthesis with no cost to the family, and sadly the number of children in need is only increasing.
Every penny helps and I thank everyone who can give a little to this cause.

Celebrating our 20th year

The Township is conducting a survey to get a better understanding of
community needs in respect to recreation and leisure activities. The
information gathered will help us develop a long term strategy to support
and develop social, recreation and cultural opportunities accessible to
all. Leisure activities, facilities, parks and green spaces are essential
to our quality of life, to the environment and our economic sustainability.

The survey along with additional public consultation will help create a new
recreation plan that will be presented to Council this fall.

By completing this survey, you will be entered into a draw to win a prize
pack including a Fitbit charge HR, Private hour of ice at the Frontenac
Community Arena and some Township swag.

The survey can be accessed online at southfrontenac.net under the
Recreation Activities page or directly via www.surveymonkey.com/r/SFrecplan

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